Unit Leader Development Tools

Unit Leader Transition

The Unit Leader Transition Checklist is designed to help you make the transition to a new MRC unit leader as smooth as possible so that your MRC unit can continue to develop and grow even during the transition to a new leader. The Information for New Leaders is designed to help you get up to speed with your MRC unit, even if you’ve never worked with the MRC before.

Promising Practices Toolkit

Although no two MRC units are identical, there are common elements shared by many MRC units, such as the need to recruit volunteers, establish policies and procedures, train members, and evaluate the success of unit activities. This Promising Practices Toolkit presents a selection of documents, templates and other resource materials from a variety of MRC units that may be tailored for use by MRC units at all levels of development.

MRC Registration Criteria 

The Office of the Surgeon General (OSG)/Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (DCVMRC) is committed to helping establish a strong, viable national network of local MRC units. In order to be approved for initial registration, and to continue that registration status, MRC units must continually meet the unit registration criteria outlined below. These registration criteria encompass the basic and fundamental principles necessary to successfully implement and administer an MRC. These criteria serve as a baseline that allows the OSG/DCVMRC to monitor and evaluate initial and ongoing efforts of individual MRC units.

MRC Core Competency Resources

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